Heritage Boats Of Evesham

Introducing the new Amber range of narrowboats and widebeams.

  • Amsterdam widebeam

    Looking for a little more space, then our wide-beam boat is the answer. They are becoming increasingly popular as full time homes and giving trendy waterside apartments a run for their money as an alternative to expensive urban living. Also the perfect option for cruising the larger waterways of the UK and Europe. Read More...

  • Paris semi trad stern narrowboat

    The semi trad stern is a clever compromise between the traditional stern of an old working boat and a cruiser stern originally designed for the holiday hire market. From the canalside it looks like a traditional stern boat but ahead of the helmsman are hidden bench seats either side, so there’s room for socialising. Read More...

  • Venice cruiser stern narrowboat

    The cruiser stern was designed for the holiday market; it provides a large open space where fellow boaters can join the helmsman with plenty of room for socialising. The deck also has a protective guard rail round the outer edge which helps to prevent kids/pets falling off. Read More...

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